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Full time, professional chimney sweeps in the stockport area, we also chimney sweep in manchester as well as marple , new mills ,the highpeak and derbyshire. From sweeping your chimney , to servicing your stove, or fitting a chimney pot or even supplying your logs we can do it all.


NACS Strongly recommends that chimneys using the following fuels

are cleaned:

Smokeless Fuels - At least once a year.

Bituminous House Coal - At least twice a year.

Wood - Quarterly when in use.

Gas - Once a year.

Using a NACS Chimney Sweep will:

-Eliminate the build up of soot from coal, wood, oil and gas fired systems.

-Clear obstructions such as birds nests, leaves and building debris, even cobwebs.

-Provide valuable advice on operating your appliance safely and efficiently and on

any remedial work that may be necessary.


Always have your chimney swept at least once a year. Using a member of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps will ensure that the appropriate Code of practice is followed and a certificate is issued.





    We are full time chimney sweeps one of only 2 in stockport,we work 6 days a week,we do not have any other jobs like the majority of cowboy chimney sweeps out their who will just turn up only sweep the chimney so far, never get the brush out of the pot ,never warn you of possible dangerous defects in your flue but will always take your money.we do not clean windows,unblock drains,collect a pension,kill bugs,put out fires,build houses or sell stoves WE ARE FULL TIME PROFESIONAL TRAINED CHIMNEY SWEEPS WITH OVER 34 YEARS TRADING EXPERIENCE i might sing chim chim cer-ee and do the dance if you ask nicely.



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